Glasgow, UK

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Doing long distance triathlon races made me think I need to just swim, bike and run as much as possible on my own. With no real training plan in place I took on Ironman Copenhagen in the summer of 2017.  I had no target but to just go as fast as possible. I completed the race in 11hours 19minutes, I was quite happy with that as it was an hour quicker than my only other long distance events over 5 year previous.

This race gave me the spark and I knew I had more in me. I wanted to go faster! I contacted P3 and met with Crawford. He started me on a proper training plan from October 2017 through to my next race in August 2018…. Ironman Kalmar (Sweden). I told Crawford early on that I wanted to go sub 10h30m with a stretch goal of sub 10 hours. The goal was set!

My training completely changed from before having a coach, I started attending group swimming sessions, circuit training to develop more core strength and group running sessions.  These sessions worked tremendously as I managed to complete the Ironman in August 2018 in 10h00m28s. Whilst I was of course a bit disappointed to not get under the 10 hour mark I was over the moon with taking out over an hour again out my previous PB.

I couldn’t have been happier with the coaching plan I received and how he helped through the darker times of training (which trust me there were a few) and right through to race day where he helped plan out how to mentally take on the challenge.

The group sessions not only gave me greater ability in all three disciplines by developing fitness and strength in other areas but I also met lots of other likeminded individuals also training hard for their own goals.


Having been participating in triathlon for a few years and having done my first 70.3 distance which I really enjoyed I needed to make improvements in my running. I approached Crawford at P3 who gave me a program with the main goal of improving my running.


Since being on Program with P3 my running has improved dramatically with PB's which I put down to consistently attended the P3 run and Strength & Conditioning sessions. I could not recommend Crawford & P3 highly enough. The sessions are great, and are aimed at all abilities, they are hard work but the encouragement & support that you get at each session is fantastic from both Crawford and all the other P3 athletes.

I have worked with Crawford for nearly 3 years. He is a diligent coach who is always keen to understand goals and set a training programme suited to that end.


I have also found him very consistent and reliable and has often helped me understand when to train hard and when to recover. An essential skill I have learnt in the short time I have been focused on endurance sport. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their swim, run or cycle. 


The formation of Project 3 is a welcome addition to the triathlon and endurance sports scene in Glasgow.

The running and circuits group sessions that are offered bi-weekly take place in a friendly encouraging environment. They are clearly delivered, achievable and inclusive to all abilities. A real supportive atmosphere has evolved through the inspiring and varied people who attend the sessions, making training really enjoyable. I believe everyone has surprised themselves anyone or more of these sessions!

As a coach Crawford clearly delivers varied and professional sessions on a 4 weekly cycle. Technique is as much of a focus as challenge and development. He is patient, knowledgeable and enthusiastic as well as being competitive. He has made me aware of new opportunities regarding racing, funding and mechanical and support. He is always responsive and adaptable to queries or suggestions regarding training. I’ve found Project 3 really helps me fulfill my ambitions!